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Welcome to Congregation Bais Tefilah



Congregation Bais Tefilah is a close-knit, warm, multi-generational, Modern Orthodox Synagogue in the heart of Woodmere, NY.  As its name implies, Bais Tefilah provides its members with a serious environment to daven and connect with Hashem.  However, Bais Tefilah is so much more than just a place to daven.  It provides its members with stimulating shiurim and learning opportunities on a regular basis. Every member, whether with a stronger or weaker learning background, can find appropriate and engaging educational opportunities within our walls. 

Bais Tefilah is actively engaged in Israel advocacy and social programming.  Our programming committee and sisterhood work to ensure Bais Tefilah is your spiritual home away from home, welcoming you and providing you with a warm environment conducive to spiritual growth. Our youth program is second to none, with youth directors and leaders eagerly waiting to interact with your children.  Whether it is during regular youth groups, or our special “extra-curriculur” activities, our kids love coming to shul. 

Come join us for Shabbos, for a tefilah, or for one of our exciting shiurim or programs and see all that we have to offer!

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  • Sunday ,
    MayMay  19 , 2024
    Congregation Bais Tefilah of Woodmere 34th Annual Dinner
    Sunday, May 19th 6:00p to 9:00p
    The Shul's Annual Dinner will be honoring: Miriam and Neil Krakauer, Guests of Honor Shannon and Mendy Phillips, Keter Shem Tov Honorees Dinner reservations for two provided with contributions of $500 or more. Contributions above $150.00 per person (Fair Market Value of Dinner), are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.



Thu, April 25 2024 17 Nisan 5784