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Congregation Bais Tefilah Mission Statement


Congregation Bais Tefilah is a Modern Orthodox synagogue that abides by an unwavering devotion to Torah, Halacha, Mitzvot and Tradition. We strongly believe in the centrality of Talmud Torah and encourage participation at all levels. While committed to these eternal truths, we also believe in the importance of being an integral part of society. We believe in living a halachic lifestyle both inside and outside the home and proudly displaying our heritage.

We are a Zionistic congregation, and firmly stand behind Medinat Yisrael and believe in its religious and historic significance. We incorporate tefilot for Medinat Yisrael throughout our davening.

We are also a diverse and inclusive congregation. We welcome every individual, and invite them to participate and contribute to our growing community.

Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784